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Ms. Zuckerman is an experienced employment attorney who has settled and litigated employee cases in virtually all areas of the practice. She has also handled numerous appeals involving employee rights issues, including several before the NJ Supreme Court.From 1986 until 1990, Ms. Zuckerman served as a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, providing advice to the Departments of Health and Labor. In 1991 she entered private practice, joining Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C. first as an associate and then as partner, representing clients in varied litigations, including suits against employers for sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination.

In 1997, Ms. Zuckerman co-founded Zuckerman & Fisher, L.L.C. with the aim of helping wronged employees who find it difficult or uncomfortable to obtain representation from larger firms, which also provide legal services to corporations and employers. With the firm, she has handled virtually all aspects of employment and discrimination law, including drafting of employment agreements, review of severance packages, negotiation of separation from employment, and trial and appeal of employment litigation. She has tried Mercer County discrimination lawsuits, as well as employment cases throughout New Jersey. In one landmark employment lawsuit, Ms. Zuckerman argued successfully before the New Jersey Supreme Court that under certain circumstances an employer’s workers compensation insurance policy should be required to satisfy a monetary judgment of discrimination against the employer. Her argument has had the widely felt impact of making an additional financial resource available to employees discriminated against by employers, a resource without which an employer might be unable to pay for its wrong to the employee.

In 2020 Ms. Zuckerman returned to Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C. as Of Counsel Attorney, affording the firm and future clients her decades of experience in employment law and advocating for employee rights.

Ms. Zuckerman’s association with the legal profession has extended well beyond representation of firm clients. For three years, at the request of the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, she served as co-chair of that court’s Task Force on Gay and Lesbian Concerns. She has lectured and commented frequently on issues and aspects of employment law. She has written articles on employee rights issues. She has served as Vice President and President of the New Jersey chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association, the country’s only professional organization exclusively devoted to the representation of employees in cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

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