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Kristina P. Hadinger 609.436.1202 k.hadinger@mgplaw.com
Valerie L. Howe 609.436.1205 v.howe@mgplaw.com
Shawn M. Neufeld 609.436.1203 s.neufeld@mgplaw.com
Kester R. Pierson 609.436.1207 k.pierson@mgplaw.com
Edwin W. Schmierer 609.436.1200 e.schmierer@mgplaw.com
Kevin Van Hise 609.436.1209 k.vanhise@mgplaw.com

Of Counsel:

Trishka Waterbury Cecil 609.436.1211 trishka@mgplaw.com
Lucille E. Davy 609-436-1213 l.davy@mgplaw.com
Sharon A. Dragan 609.436.1201 s.dragan@mgplaw.com
Edmond M. Konin 609.436.1204 e.konin@mgplaw.com
Joseph C. Tauriello 609.436.1206 j.tauriello@mgplaw.com


Salma T. Chand 609-436-1208 s.chand@mgplaw.com
Lisa M. Maddox 609.921.6543 l.maddox@mgplaw.com
Elissa Grodd Schragger 609-436-1217 e.schragger@mgplaw.com
Nicole M. Sciotto 609-436-1222 n.sciotto@mgplaw.com

Princeton Attorneys-The firm can help you with a wide range of legal needs

Since its founding in 1955, Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C. has been a community law firm in Princeton, New Jersey serving individuals, businesses and government entities.  Should you need a Princeton business law attorney, an estate planning or probate attorney,  a new will, or other legal service, an advantage of a community law firm is the wealth of knowledge the attorneys have about local laws, law enforcement, court processes, and resources available in the community.  The lawyers have a depth of knowledge in state and local laws and regulations, legal processes and are well-respected in the local legal community. Contact the firm today to discuss your legal matter.

The firm is selected for the 2017 list of Top Ranked Law Firms issued by Lexis Nexis/Martindale Hubbell. A description of the selection methodology can be found at Lawyers.com. No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Mason, Griffin & Pierson, P.C.
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